* if this will be your first visit to kom you will need to arrive 15-20 minutes early to register. 



1.  Who can practice hot yoga?  

Hot yoga at Kom is for everyone. Our state of the art studio provides for a comfortable and therapeutic experience. Instructors offer modifications for beginner and advanced students allowing students to move at his/her own pace.



2.  What class(es) is best for me?  

They each offer unique benefits. If you are interested in all of them we suggest trying them all and balancing your yoga practice with a variety of styles. If you prefer a slower pace and a deep stretch Yin will probably treat your body good. If you want more of a cardio workout our Flow, Power Flow, and Yoga Sculp is your answer.



Click HERE to read our class descriptions.


3.  How often can I come to class?  

Everyday, and you can come to multiple classes per day. Back-to-back classes are popular and will leave you feeling amazing. It is recommended for practicing yogis to practice at least 3 times a week to receive maximum benefits. If you can't make it to class 3 or more times a week it's ok! Any amount of time you take for yourself to renew is beneficial!!


4.  How do I prepare for a hot yoga class? 

It is recommended to eat your last snack or meal 2 hours or more before class. Drink lots of water so you stay hydrated!


5.  What should I wear? 

Clothes you would be comfortable moving and sweating in. Water resistant, lightweight, and more form fitting clothes work best and allow for a comfortable experience. Running and biking clothes usually work well. Men can go shirtless and wear swim trunks if they choose. 


6.  What do I need to bring to class? 

You will need a yoga mat, bath or beach towel for your mat, and water bottle. Kom sells and rents mats and towels, and we sell water bottles in case you forget to bring one. Mats rent for $2 and towels for $3. 


7.  What can I expect during my experience?  

The studio will be open 20 minutes before class starts, and will stay open up to 30 minutes after class. It is recommended to arrive 10-15 minutes before class to get checked in, use the restroom, silence your cell phones and other technology, place them and your other belongings, including shoes and socks, in either a cubby outside the yoga room or in a locker in the locker room. Do not bring any personal items into the studio, especially phones and chewing gum. 


It is good etiquette to not talk during class because it takes away from the yogic vibe and distracts you and your fellow yogis from the practice. Also, try not to leave class early. Use the restroom before class starts, and always bring plenty of water with you into class. 


If you have any injuries make sure and tell your instructor before class so he/she can offer modifications!


8.  What amenities do you have at your studio?

Kom has women's and men's locker rooms with showers and a space for you to get ready for work, a night out, or just the day. We have water fountains with bottle fillers and sell water bottles, towels, mats, and yoga wear.  


If you would rather not bring a mat and towel to class, for convenience, we offer an Executive and VIP Membership. With these memberships you will receive a yoga mat and towel at every visit. We also rent them.


Click HERE to check out our Memberships.


‚Äč9. When is the studio open?

Our Branson location is open 20 minutes before class starts and 20 minutes after class lets out. If you need to purchase a GC or membership you can do it during these times or call 417-544-0311 for assistance.


Rogers is open for retail and membership sales Mon - Thurs 10 am - 6 pm, Fri 10 am - 2 pm, and closed Sun. Yoga classes are offered before and after studio retail hours. Check out our schedule to see when yoga classes are offered.