Hey 2019!

Yoga is about living in the present; however, in order to grow we also must reflect on the past and set goals for the future. Reflecting on 2018 Kom has had an eventful year! We grew our Rogers studio and were able to sell it to a studio that is expanding into new markets. Launched our 4th year of our Yoga teacher-training program, graduating 20 yoga teachers that are prepared to lead a yoga class and be a leader in their community. Congratulations to these students! The future is bright! We were able to put more love into the Branson studio with Rogers in new loving hands, and gained inspiring and supportive new leaders that we are excited to grow with in 2019. Most importantly, the students of Kom continue to inspire us daily making this whole experience worth the sweat and tears. The love, laughter, hugs and tears that are shared, stories of lives changed, and new friendships that we will cherish forever are what Kom is all about!


We are stronger because of 2018! We will be able to offer you a better experience in 2019 because of you and what you have taught us! We also embraced new opportunities in 2018 and gained new perspectives from these experiences. We hope you have seen some of the things we are implementing, and we are just getting started!


Gone are the years of setting a New Year’s resolution. Instead, people are taking time to reflect, set goals, and find a specific word that resonates with these intentions for the New Year. After much journaling and reflecting we have found our word! Class! Class is our mantra for 2019 and it has nothing to do with money!


“Class is an aura of confidence that is being sure without being cocky. Class has nothing to do with money. Class never runs scared. It is self-discipline and self- knowledge. It’s the sure-footedness that comes with having proved you can meet life.” – Ann Landers


Class is leadership, optimism, grace, beauty, forgiveness, professionalism, kindness, responsibility, effort, humility, balance, inspiring, contentment, health, faith, harmony, laughter, maturity, happiness, a genuine and authentic choice and mindset to self-discipline and self-knowledge. 


Here on the Kom Blog we will be exploring how we unite yoga and class through strengthening our intuition and by striving for a healthy balance in life so you can live your best, most authentic life. Intuition is how we respond to life. When we have weak intuition we see things the way we want to see them instead of for what they really are. When things not relevant or real are influencing our perception. By strengthening our intuition we will minimize assuming and judging, and open up our lives to new possibilities, realities, connections, and growth. Seek first to understand is class. Listening with an open mind is class. Not taking things personal is class. We want to help you live your best, most authentic life!


To live in that place of authenticity and unity where balance and class exist we must do the work to build the foundation needed to operate at that level. This is a practice, like yoga, that requires you to put in the conscious effort by thinking about the consequences of your choices and what that gets you and others. It is a mindset of self-discipline and self-knowledge, choosing to learn from your experiences, and being in control of how you respond to life. Once the fog is gone and a fresh perspective is born, you will have an aha moment, the words above describing class will become your new reality. You will be authentically optimistic and content, and demonstrate maturity and leadership. 


We will be exploring, more specifically, how we strengthen our intuition, start making better choices, and build confidence to meet life. In the meantime, if you happen to make it to the studio you will be greeted with a warm welcome and inspiring energy. We believe your experience at Kom goes beyond the instruction and starts the moment you step into our space. You might also find a good sweat and a mind, body, soul experience will help sharpen your intuition and promote a life of balance, bliss, and beauty!


This is your brain on Kom Yoga.